Accenture India Locations

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Well.. This is the info gathered again from some blog.. I wish its useful to you guys..

Mumbai in the views of Mr.Shri:

Guys dis thread is basically so dat ppl who r livin in cities where accenture is gnna conduct dere training as well as job centres can help ppl who r livin outside da given region...abt locality,mode f transport,food,cost of livin & other basic information coz within a month v r gnna get our places of basically dis is a request 2 ppl livin in MUMBAI,CHENNAI,B'LORE,PUNE,HYDERABAD,DELHI 2 chip in wid info abt dere respective cities...& ppl frm otha cities r kindly expected 2 jus sit up & notice..
1)Accenture centres-vikhroli,malad

2)culture-I guess ppl hav read enuf in da papers already neways honestly spkin mumbai is a very friendly city..languages spoken are hindi,marathi,english..due 2 its cosmopolitan nature u can get sum1 of ur type sumwher 4 sure

3)climate-very humid in da summers,heavy rains,chilly weathers in da its pretty sticky out here actually ..temp ova 30 C n summers...& arnd 10-15 in winters

4)Mode of transport-primarily trains is da lifeline of da city..centres both mentioned above are pretty close 2 da respective stations,bikes wud b anotha gud way 2 move shud b avoided coz of heavy rush in both da areas

5)ACCOMODATION (Imp)vikhroli basically falls in wat is called da CENTRAL beltflats cud b available nearby or places a bit far frm u wud hav 2 travel arnd 30 mins by train 4 da same..u wud get flats 4 arnd 6-8k on a rental basismalad falls in da WESTERN beltflats on rental basis wud b available arnd dere..if u r ready 2 travel a bit 2 save money..u cud take flats near bhayender(i.e if ur ready 2 travel)..1 can get cheaper flats in dose areasall in all if der r 4ppl stayin 2getha...i guess under 3k per head u can get a comfortable place 2 live in

6)WEEKEND spots-mumbai has got everythn..u name it & it wud b dere..frm trekkin 2 pubs & discs..ders everythn out here in mumbai so entertainment wnt b an issue at all.

Banglore in the views of MR.Rohit:

Cool ....Here's Bangalore :

Centers: Arkere , DairyCircle [Koramangla, BTM cross]-- biggest , Whitefeild, Inner RingRoad

Culture: Bangalore – the garden city of India is a veritable melting pot of various religions and cultures. The city has acquired a vibrant cosmopolitan environment. the city has everything to offer, starting from pubs and magical nightlife, quick getaways and big shopping malls to thriving arts and entertainment scenes from the Indian classics. In true sense we can call Bangalore the “style city” of India.

Climate and Geography : DUDE THE BEST PART .... awesome climate.. cool breeze through the year, however excessive rains can be dizzy ! The various types of rock found in the area include granites, gneiss's and migmatites.

Mode of transport:Buses .... however Metro likely to commence from 2010. The traffic is just horrible ... better to use public transport, so guys give up for ur hopes for Pulsar 220..!!

ACCOMMODATION: this will burn big hole in ur pocket. May range from 12k to 18k for a 3BHK according to location. I live in BTM, walking to Accenture's DC center and pay 14k for the house. We are 6 ppl.

WEEKEND.. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia, Big Gardens and amazing tourist spots very near to city !! Almost everything to cheer about !!

Pune in the views of Mr.Vaibhav:

1)Accenture centre-->Hadpasar

2)culture-->only thing I wanna say is its a good place 2 work n least better dan Mumbai....

3)climate--> In summers around 40 deg..Heavy rains will be der at d tym of joinin for sure... In winters around 10 deg..

4)Mode of transport-->Byk s d best mode of transport in Pune....Otherwise Bus transport s also available...In India,only in Pune BRT[Bus Rapid Transit] system s used for transport over buses... its cool P.S.-- U need to be very good at drivin bykes if u r gona use bykes..traffic s really horrible in Pune...

5)ACCOMODATION--> It wont be a big issue....Flats r available in rent in evry area in city.... around 3K for 1BHK flat...

6)WEEKEND spots--> Few good tourist spots r der near pune....Lots of hang out places r der in city...n ya pubs n discs r also der....

Hyderabad in the views of Ms.Ramya:

1. Accenture Centre: Hi-tech city.

2. Culture: Any person can get accustomed to the city, ppl here very amicable, night life's rockin , the city is actually in a state of transition from a slow-paced to a fast life style.

3. Climate: Scorching sun in the month of May, otha than tht the weather conditions are pretty much bearable.

4. Mode of transport: Buses, Ricks and occasionally ppl go by local trains a.k.a MMTSTraffic in key parts of the city is terrible.

5.Accommodation: The lease can range from 3k-4k per head in and around the Hi-tech city (whr the accy centre is located). There are many hostels and P.G accommodations around this area.

6.Weekend spots: Banjara hills and Jubliee hills hav many hangouts and these 2 r the happening places for the weekend.That's just a gist of it and it truly ROX!!!

Gurgaon in the views of Mr.Rohit:

I guess i can write for Delhi .. coz i have spend some years there too!

Centers: Gurgaon

Culture: lol, everyone knows Delhi NCR, a splendid mix of UP, Haryana Punjab and Rajasthan

Climate: Extremes !!! 45+ in Summers and close to 0 in Winters !

Mode of transport: the very cruel BlueLines ! However now Metro is best option ! It runs from Rohini in north to South Ex in south. Dwarka in West to Shadhara in East--> now extended to Noida! The junction is at KashmiriGate.. so virtually entire delhi is covered !

ACCOMMODATION: Cheaper then Bangalore or Mumbai

WEEKEND: Delhi is big enough to explore..!! The huge malls, fun and foods etc !However u can visit nearby places to Jaipur- 300 and Agra-200 kms

Chennai in the views of Ms.Kirthi:

i wil fill up reg chennai...
centre---only one accenture office at sholinganallur on old mahabalipuram road...basically training are given in other small training centres near guindy like places...

culture---chennai is becoming like bang in culture wise...people are friendly and languags spoken are tamil,hindi,english...u can also find lots of telugu,keralites here...

climate---since chennai has marina beach, the climate is humid summer the temperature soars high..but u can hav pleasent nights...

mode of transport---am not aware about the transport provided my accenture(though one of my school frnd goes to acc thru bus..)i dunno which areas the office bus covers and whether we are eligible for the transport facility durin trainin...but in general u hav lots of buses and electric trains and esp share autos which offers cheap yet easy transport facility all over chennai...but traffic kills you during peak hours

accomodation---flats are available in the city but not nearer to the office...u can get accomodation in areas like velachery,..rates range from 6000 for flats in near the city the outskirts, u can get rentals for 3000

weekend---u can enjoy a lot in weekends..there are many places for hangouts ranging from multiplexes,malls,beach,temples,pubs,coffee shops etc...

for some pics you may go thru

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